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Some property owners believe that all a property manager does is simply "collect rent". There is alot more to managing a property and the cost associated is paid back in many many ways..




Tax Benefits

The management fees paid are tax deductible! These fees are reported on your monthly and year end statements.


No Stress!

Let us take on the worry about the day to day details of receiving tenant phone calls, maintenance emergencies and serving notices is stress that can be eliminated by Great Lakes Property Management Co.


Our Expertise

And tenant screening process. The wrong tenant can be much more expensive and costly to rehabilitate a property and/or pay legal fees because of poor screening. This is a major benefit of our services as your property manager.


Tenant / Landlord Rights

Knowing and properly maintaining current Tenant / Landlord Rights can reduce costly mistakes and unnecessary legal costs. Ignorance of the law and fines are far more expensive than property management fees.


City Inspections, Repairs, Maintenance 

We have access to reliable licensed and Insured repair and maintenance professionals 24/7. Maintenance requests can also be submitted through our website.


Electronic Funds Transfer

We have a online platform where tenants can pay their rent and owners can receive their funds electronically. This reduces tenant NSF checks, fees and late payments. Owners will receive their funds directly into their account.





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